Amusing D!

-do D page with dot markers
-practice writing D on dot stickers
-go on D hunt with dot stickers
-make a set of dominos with stickers
-play a dice game

D is for Dinosaurs
-read "How Do Dinosaurs" book
-hide plastic dinos and search for it
-go outside and dig for bones
-make puffy stegosaurus

D is for Ducks
- go to pond and feed the ducks
-read “Make Way for Ducklings”
-decorate 5 duck cutouts with yellow things.
-play “Lucky Ducks”

D is for Dog
-go on a field trip to pet store to see dogs
-read “Bark George”
-make a dog house using boxes.
-play “Feed the Dog”

D is for Dad & Donuts
-read “Just Me & My Dad”
-draw a card for Dad
-play “Mmm Donuts” game
-make playdouh donuts

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