Amusing E!

E is for Eyes
-glue googly eyes on E.
-look at our eyes in the mirror.
-do eyedropper art.
-play "I Spy" with magnifying glass.
-make eyeball snacks.

E is for Ears
-read “The Ear Book” by Dr. Seuss.
-go for walk and draw what you listen.
-draw a picture of what we heard.
-do E tracing page.
-have a sound parade.

E is for Eggs
-examine eggs in carton and count them.
-read Green Eggs & Ham and do some activities.
-do Humpty Dumpty activities with real egg.
-scramble eggs to make green eggs.

E is for Electricity
-find where we use it in our home.
-read Story of Benjamin Franklin.

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  1. I love this, thanks for the terrific ideas! I need to check out your other amusing letters :) Jen


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