Amusing F!

F is for Flowers
-put flower stickers on F page.
-make handprint flowers.
-go outside and plant bulbs.
-do a flower number matching game.
-make flower pretzel snack.

F is for Fire Safety
-wear a fireman hat.
-learn simple fire safety song.
-be fire safety inspectors with list.
-Stop, Drop & Roll with felt flames.
-Sparky smoke alarm lesson.

F is for Feel and Fingers
-Read “Piggies” by Audrey Wood
-make dirty handprints with paint , put piggy stickers on when dry.
-wash hands lots of bubbles.
-Play the “What is it?” box.
-read and make a touch & feel book.

F is for Farm
-read “Over on the Farm” and do activities.
-sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm”
-clip clothespins legs on matching animals as you sing.

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