Amusing G!

G is for Green Glitter
-wear green!
-glue green glitter on G.
-read “Germs Make Me Sick”.
-do glitter germs activities.
-play “Going on a germ hunt”.
-practice writing G with green pencil.

G is for Grocery Store
-read “Just Shopping with Mom”.
-set up grocery store and play.
-tape price tags on boxes & cartons.
-make and decorate wallets.
-go to grocery store, help with list.

G is for Grow
-what grows and doesn’t grow in a garden?
-measure on growth chart.
-read Tiny Seed & growing books.
-plant grass heads or mini garden.
-sequence cards for plants & kids.

G is for Goldfish
-get real goldfish, watch, feed them.
-make up story about our fish.
-paint fish outline with gold paint.
-do goldfish cracker counting game.
-eat goldfish cracker snack.

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