Amusing U!

U is for Up
-read “Great Day for UP”
-glue UP arrows to U.
-read simple opposites book.
-play "Simon says" opposite-style.
-do opposite cards race game.

U is for United States
-introduce USA map.
-make it a personalized, picture filled map.
-do USA dot-to-dot.
-play license plate matching game.
-make easy symbols book.

U is for Under
-have a snack under the tables
-read “Up Above & Down Below”.
-dig for letter U under rice.
-do over and under obstacle course.
-letter U tracing under the table.

U is for Umbrella
-read “One Rainy Day”
-sing an umbrella song with actions
-paint a shiny umbrellas
-go for a walk with umbrellass

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