Happy Everything! Valentines' Day

What can you do to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids?

These are some ideas:

Read ‘Lilly’s Chocolate Heart’.

Do chocolate heart ABC hunt.

Make valentines to give to family & friends.

Read a Valentine book.

Solve the code using these free cards

Paint & make lace-y valentine hearts.

Play valentine BINGO.

Read ‘The Day it Rained Hearts’.

Sstaple strips of paper to make heart garland.

Make cinnamon bun hearts w/pink frosting together!

Read ‘My Heart is Like a Zoo”.

How many historical couples do you know? Check them here

Make animals with heart shapes.

Play with heart shaped bean bags.

Look for some information about St. Valentine and complete this brochure

Play red heart sticker card game.

Read‘Sweet Hearts’ by Jan Carr.

Hunt for & paint secret valentine message hearts.

Make valentine pockets.

Make valentine chex mix.

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