Elves,Stitches and New Shoes

One of our school annual projects is working crosscurricular in our EFL/ ESL classes.

So, these are some of the activities we did at school while reading The Shoemaker and the Elves

We ..

  • made predictions. The kids looked at the cover of the book and told what they think the story would be about. 
  • went on a picture walk through the book. We didn't read the text, just looked at each picture and told what they thought is happening in each picture.
  • cololored the cover of our folder. 
  • reviewed irregular plurals such as elf/elves 

  • designed shoes for the shoemaker 
  • graphed our favorites shoes 
  • described what we were wearing 
  • read different versions of the story 
  • used the vocabulary cards to review and practice vocabulary 
  • made a collage using clothing items cut outs from old magazines
  • used the necklace to recall the events of the story.
  • sorted the words by beginning sounds, syllables, short or long words 
  • sang a new song
  • This Is The Way song
Sung to Early in the Morning
Act out each item of clothing you sing about!
This is the way we get dressed in the morning, dressed in the morning, dressed in the morning.
This is the way we dressed in the morning, so early in the morning!
This is the way we put on our shirt, put on our shirt, put on our shirt.
This is the way we put on our shirt, so early in the morning!
Other ideas: put on our socks, put on our shoes, put on our coat.
  • made puppets with craft sticks to sequence events
  • finished the sentence The shoemaker is _____, can/ has- Elves are_____/can/have
  • sorted clothing items by season or weather

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