Once Upon a Fairy Tale

This is how our ESL Annual Project is called. We organized our English Syllabus around  fairy tales. We integrated language skills, math, science, literature, social studies, computing, physical education, and music among others.
Our goal is to provide  kids with ideas and activities so they can advance their language skills and conceptual knowledge, while facilitating the development of their communication and literacy skills and promoting positive attitudes toward themselves and learning. 
We activated children’s prior knowledge about fairy tales with a KWL chart.
  • What's a fairy tale? 
  • What fairy tales do you know?
  • Who wrote them?
  • What are the elements of fairy tales?
  • What's your favorite fairy tale?
Using fairy tales cards ask children to choose their favourite fairy tale and place their card on the pocket chart. Count and compare the results.
What's your favorite fairy tale? We voted and graphed results.
This is the result.
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Little Red Riding Hood
Gingerbread man
The Three Little Pigs
     Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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