Eating the Alphabet

Are you ready to eat your alphabet?

Here you have some suggestions for an Alphabet Snack Time!
A- Apples, apricots
B- Bread and butter, bananas, butterscotch
C- Carrots, cupcakes, cookies, celery with cheese
D- Doughnuts, dip (for vegetables or crackers)
E- Eggs (deviled eggs or hard-boiled), egg salad, English muffins
F- Fruit, figs
G- Grapes, graham crackers, gumdrops
H- Honey butter, honeydew melon, honey
I- Ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches
J- Jelly, juice, jam
K- Kielbasa, kiwi
L- Lemonade, licorice
M- Marshmallows, milk, melba toast
N- Nectarines, nuts
O- Oranges, oatmeal cookies
P- Pineapple, popcorn, pickles
Q- Quiche, quick drink (instant fruit punch)
R- Raisins, raspberries
S- Sunflower seeds, strawberries, sandwiches
T- Tomato, tunafish, taffy
U- Upside-down cake
V- Vanilla wafers, vegetables, vanilla pudding
W- Wheat bread with butter, walnuts, watermelon
X- Mystery X food
Y- Yogurt, yams
Z- Zucchini squash, zwieback toast

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