Ideas to Teach Nursery Rhymes

Ideas and Suggestions to Teach Nursery Rhymes

The Mother Goose of the class
Create a Mother Goose with art materials such as paper, fabric scraps, and ask children to elicit how she can help in the class. For example, you can prepare special cards with the classroom rules and paste them next to her so that she can help the class remember the rules, or good manners, schedule, etc.

Queen of Hearts -Tarts 
Use biscuits and marmalade. Have the children flatten the biscuits and then put a spoon full of pie filling in the middle of the circle. Fold one edge of the biscuit over and seal shut. Bake until golden brown.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star-Hopping game 
Prepare 10 big stars and place them on the floor. Ask children to recite the nursery rhyme hopping (walking, crawling) in each star

Twinkle twinkle little star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star;
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star!
How I wonder what you are

Nursery Rhymes Characters Riddles
You can prepare some cards with the characters for children to play
I went to school. My lamb followed me. Who am I? (Mary)
We fell down the hill. Who are we? (Jack and Jill)
I’m nimble and quick. I jumped over the candlestick. Who am I? (Jack Be Nimble)
I sat on a wall. I had a great fall. Who am I? (Humpty Dumpty)

Cat and the Mice
Form a circle. Choose three children to be “the bind mice" and go into the centre of the circle. Choose someone to be the "cat", which must stand outside the circle. Call "Catch the mice!" The cat goes into the circle and tries to catch the mice. (The mice cannot go outside the circle). As the mice are caught, they join the other children in the circle. The last child to be caught becomes the "cat" in the next game.

Nursery Rhyme Story Box 
Choose a nursery rhyme that you have recently worked with the children. Make the pieces of the story and put them in a box or jar. These can be used independently in the Book centre or during Circle time.

Nursery Rhyme Role Play
A great game to play with your children is to role play their favourite Nursery rhymes. For example:
Jack Be Nimble: (child's name) be nimble (child's name) be quick, (child's name) jump over the (item in classroom)
Little Miss Muffet: Have a child pretend to be eating their curds and whey, when along comes a spider (another child) and frightens them away
Bo Peep's Sheep: Hide toy sheep around the room and let your children search for the lost sheep

Nursery Rhymes Riddles
Prepare some riddles in big cards. Draw the answer in another card. Sit the children in a circle and put the cards with the pictures in the middle. Let the children take out a riddle card from a bag or an envelope. Read the riddle and let the children find the card that is the answer.

“Humpty dumpty sit on this” ( wall)
“Mary had a little ….” (lamb)
“Peter Peter …………eater” (pumpkin)
“Itsy Bitsy is a …………” (spider)
“Little Jack Horner”…….” (pie)

Nursery Rhymes Survey

Prepare a chart with the name of 3 or 4 nursery rhymes seen. Use cards with children’s names. Ask them to choose his/her favourite fairy tale and place their card on the pocket chart. Count and compare the results.

Who is your favourite character?
What is your favourite nursery rhyme?
Do you like Humpty Dumpty? Yes/ No

Prepare sequencing cards of the stories for children to order.
Print on cardstock and laminate.

Guess that nursery rhyme
Tell the children you are going to play a guessing game. Prepare a box with some items in it representing a nursery rhyme or a character.
As you take out each item, let the children guess the rhyme it represents.

For example:
Candle ( Jack be nimble)
Wall (Humpty dumpty)
Black wool ( Baa baa black sheep)
Plumps (the blue boy)
If you don’t get those items, make big flashcards with pictures or photos of them.

Nursery Rhymes Pocket Chart
Write each rhyme on sentence strips and place them in a pocket chart. To make them more interactive let the children replace a name in the rhyme; for instance, Miss Muffet would turn into Sammy. Write their names on cards that can just be placed over the name on the sentence strip. 

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