This Little Piggy { Free Pack }

If you’re focusing on nursery rhymes in your Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade classroom or homeschool, you’re going to love this 30 page file!

It’s full of great activities to keep your students engaged in their learning! Your students will learn about identifying important events, retell, graphic organizers, vocabulary, illustrations, details, KWL, plot, sequence, descriptions, characters, comprehension, major events, and more!

Let’s take a closer look at “This Little Piggy”

Your students will start with an introduction to the nursery rhyme. This includes a coloring page and another sheet with the actual nursery rhyme on it. 

Then students will start working on their comprehension skills through a KWL chart, retell sheet, and telling about the characters, setting, and events. 

But let’s take the retell even further! Let your students each wear one of the five different headbands to act out the parts of the story, take home to share what they’ve learned, or get creative and come up with another activity using these fun headbands.

Want another great retell activity that each student can complete independently? Then make sure to check out the retell necklace! 

The fun continues when your students get to tell about their favorite part of the story and use the pictures to create craft sticks. It’s a great way to act out the story in a retell center or as a small group activity to use throuhe entire nursery rhyme unit. And there’s also the retell cards – with and without words!  

Let’s not forget to work on our vocabulary! Your students will get the opportunity to work on their descriptive words

They can also add details to enhance their learning and get some extra writing practice in.  

Writing the room is often a student favorite, so make sure you let them complete this portion of the activities as well!

Students can never get too much basic comprehension work in! 

And it’s always important to work on better understanding of characters, or characterization. 

A great way to expand on this great nursery rhyme would be to bring in some nonfiction (or informational text) about pigs. Use this with page 20 to help your students relate the nursery rhyme to real life. 

Your students are going to love learning all about different nursery rhymes when you start using these great activities in your classroom!

Click on any of the pictures to grab your “This Little Piggy” nursery rhyme, or click here to see the 
entire line of nursery rhyme resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

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