Alphabet & Crafts

Letter A

·apple prints

·glue hole punched apples

·apple core art

·painted apples

·paint a clip clothespin green to make an alligator; glue on small wiggly eyes and a red tongue.

Letter B

·glue buttons on Bb

·paint balloons in black, blue and brown paint

·butterflies made from coffee filters coloured with markers

·ball prints

·bee collage

·bubble prints

Letter C

·glue on cotton balls on Cc

·circle cats

·clown face

·clothesline art

·cloud print

Letter D

·punch dots on Dd

·colour a dog shape

·paint a big dinosaur

·dove hand

·daisy paper plate

Letter E

·glue eggshells on Ee

·prepare egg yolks with food colouring for painting

·paint an elephant

·paste egg shell on a picture of an egg

·elephant paper plate

Letter F

·glue feathers on Ff

·glue glitter on fish shapes

·make a fish using coffee filters or handprints

·finger paper print

·fabulous flag

·fish bowl paper plate

Letter G

·glue green or gold glitter on Gg

·make ghosts by putting white paint on black construction paper and folding it in half; draw on eyes and mouth after it dries

·grape painting

Letter H

·glue hearts on Hh

·make horrible hairy monsters

·make houses and write address above the door

·glue pink tissue paper on a heart shape

·hat newspaper

Letter I

·glue on Ii pictures of insects

·paint with ice cubes (put food colouring into water before freezing, cover with tin foil and add toothpicks into each "cube" for a handle to hold on to when painting)

·sponge paint on an iguana shape

·insect collage

Letter J

·paint letter Jj with glue and sprinkle jelly on it

·make “junk” posters

·fingerpaint orange jack-o-lanterns

·jack in the box shape collage

·jungle animals collage

Letter K

·glue Kk Kite string

·make wallpaper kites with small pieces of fabric glued to yarn tails

·kitten shape collage

·kite from cellophane

Letter L

·glue lemonheads on letter Ll

·draw lines using rulers

·glue cottonballs on lamb shapes

·leaves collage

·ladybugs paper plate

Letter M

·glue M&Ms on letter Mm

·marble paint

·paint monkeys with brown paint

·mitten art

·mouse headband

Letter N

·glue torn pieces of newspaper on Nn

·decorate neckties

·make a night sky by painting black tempera over crayon-drawn stars and moon

·necklace pasta

·necktie paper

Letter O

·glue on Oo oval shapes

·make an octopus by gluing 8 strips of paper (tentacles) to a circle

·octopus hand

·ocean in a bottle

Letter P

·glue pink and purple pompoms on Pp

·make a pink pig

·handprint penguin

·pasta prints

·pet shapes

Letter Q

·glue on Qq

·paint with

·make a quilt square

·queen crown

·friendship quilt

Letter R

·glue rice on Rr

·make a raccoon paper bag puppet

·paint a ribbon with red paint

·recycled collage

·rainbow from the sky

Letter S

·glue stickers on Ss

·decorate silly socks

·use stamps

·sand painting

·snowman collage

Letter T

·glue toothpicks on Tt

·make a tower

·use cold tea to paint …

·turtle mobile

·teeth collage

Letter U

· make paper plate umbrellas with the half of a paper plate

· umbrella art

· unicorn collage

Letter V

·glue pieces of velvet on Vv

·paint a vase containing violets

·make vegetable prints

·vegetable garden collage

·violet painting

·violin shapes

Letter W

·glue on Ww worm pictures

·make a wagon

·wind art

·whale shapes

·walrus collage

Letter X

·glue on Xx pieces of x-ray

·make an X-ray skeleton

·x-ray paint

·xylophone collage

Letter Y

·glue yellow yarn on Yy

·make a yak by gluing lengths of brown/gray yarn on a yak shape

·yellow school bus

·yo yo collage

Letter Z

·make zigzags and ask children to cut them

·make a zebra by marble painting black over a white zebra cut-out

·hand zoo animals

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