The Missing Trigraph { Free Pack }

When you are teaching about trigraphs, it’s important to get plenty of practice! When it comes to the THR trigraph, you’re going to love this  FREE download.

It’s sure to help your Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade classroom and homeschool students engaged as they learn this important skill.

What all is included? I’m so glad you asked! 

This FREE download includes the words throw, three, throne, and thread. Students will color, find, write, and trace the words. They will also work on beginning sounds, cutting, pasting, and creating sentences. Let’s dive into this more...

First up, students will have to analyze various pictures to decide which have the thr trigraph. Following that activity, the student will write the correct word under the corresponding picture.

Looking for a bit more fun? Your students will love breaking the code to find each word in this fun printable!
Don’t forget to get some handwriting practice in! Students will trace the words and color the pictures in one of the printable worksheets.

 And while they’re working on handwriting, have them craft their own sentences using each of the thr trigraph words. And the handwriting fun doesn’t end there! Students will choose one word to write in good sentence and then illustrate it.

To top it all off, you’ll receive flashcards of all four thr words. Send these home for extra practice, use them to play a matching game, or simply hold them up for students to recite. No matter what way you use them, they’ll be great for your students to master this set of words!

If you’re interested in the file, click on the cover images or download it here

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