What is Circle time?

The idea is that the children and teachers gather in a circle of sorts before we formally begin the school day.

Calendar Time

Calendar work is one of the routines you do with your children everyday. You can use the calendar not only to teach Math but also to link Language, Science and Social Studies.

These are some suggestions of activities to do with the calendar:

· Have a calendar on display. Each day, count with the children in funny ways like soft or loud, high or low, squeaky or scary, name the day of the week, talk about the month and the season. Help them associate months and seasons to their birthday.

· To learn sequences, use the days of the week. You will need a ball. Sit the children in a circle with their legs spread open. Give the ball to one child. That child rolls the ball to another child as he says "Sunday." The next child has to say, "Monday" as he rolls the ball to someone else. That child says, "Tuesday" as he rolls it, and so on. Do the same with yarn or string. If you are working with older children you can work with the name of the months, too.

Our Calendar
Hang the calendar
High on the wall.
See Winter and Spring days, 
and Summer and Fall.
Play days and work days,
and warm days and cold.
Hang the calendar

High on the wall.

Today is
Tune: Frere Jacques
Today is ______________. 
Today is _____________,
all day long, all day long. 
Yesterday was__________.
Tomorrow is _________. 

Oh what fun!
Oh what fun!

What to do?
Present the cards in the pocket chart.
Ask children to read the sentences.
Invite children to complete the sentences using the day of the week.
If you are working with older children let them choose the day, the month and the date.
Choose one child per day to do the calendar work.
The child selects the number card for the day's date and posts it on the calendar.  

When the work is done lead the class in reading the complete date for the day:   today is [day of week/month/day/year.

A New Day, a New Message

 Why not starting the day with a special message from the teacher?
Then ask children to write a reply to the teacher.  For example: Good day smarties! Today we have a big surprise in the literature corner! So children can write questions about the surprise as a way to reply the teacher's message.
I like writing greetings using different words such as:
Good morning/ afternoon
Top o the morning to you
Good day!
Hi friends!
Hello buddies!
Hey pals!

   The Question of the Day (QOD)

Help ease communication problems with your children by trying these fun and interesting questions.
I use one question a day. You can use open or close questions. You can ask them about a special event, their favourites, their likes and dislikes and you can also prepare seasonal questions. You can prepare different questions using different tenses, too.
Here you have some suggestions:

Do you like to play inside or outside on a rainy day?
Do you have a hot or cold lunch today?
Did you wear a coat today?
Did you wear boots today?
Were you awake at 6:30 this morning?
Were you in bed at 9:30 last night?
Have you ever been to Walt Disney World/Land?
Have you ever gone fishing?
Are you going away during spring?
Are you wearing socks?

Greeting Time

Greeting time is a time for building bounds.
What to do?
Gather the children in the meeting area.Present the song you are going to sing.Explain the terms your children do not know.
Sing first and then invite your children to sing with you.
Enlarge photographs of your children on a copy machine.Use them as seat markers for the meeting area.Make extra copies in case you need them for extra activities.
Let children talk a bit about whatever they want.Ask them how they feel and what they would like to do.

                    Hello! Chant 
                    There are many ways to say HELLO! 
                    Wave your hand.
                    Nod your head. 
                    Smile big or wink instead. 
                    Blow a kiss.
                    Tip your hat. 
                    Shake your hands.
                    Give a pat. 
                    There are many ways to say HELLO!


                    Goodbye Chant 
                    There are many ways to say GOODBYE! 
                    Bye bye butterfly
                    See ya later alligator
                    Blow a kiss jellyfish
                    Take care polar bear
                    Time to go hippo
                    In a while crocodile
                    Toodle-doo kangaroo
                    There are many ways to say GOODBYE! 

                    Attendance Time

                    Allow children to complete the attendance chart while singing a song or reciting a poem.
                    As you will be working on children’s self concepts during this curriculum, prepare a special chart for Girls and Boys.
                    Prepare clothespins with name tags (and photos if they are little children) and put them in one basket.
                    Add a label to the basket “AT HOME”. Let children pick up their clothespin and pin on the correct table.

                    Glad to see you
                    Tune:"Frere Jacques"

                    I'm Ms. (name), I'm Ms. (name).
                    That's my name, That's my name.
                    Glad to see you here.
                    Glad to see you here.
                    What's your name? What's your name?

                    I am (name), I am (name).
                    That's my name, that's my name.
                    I am glad to be here,
                    I am glad to be here.
                    At school today, at school today


                    Make a chart listing the months at the top of poster board.
                    Write the names of the children who were born during a particular month under that month.
                    This can be hung on the wall to help children recognize the months in which they were born and see which children were born in the same month.
                    At the beginning of each new month, check birthdays.
                    Prepare a small cake shape or a candle into the calendar pocket chart to remind you of these special days.
                    The children enjoy counting the days until a friend’s birthday.
                    Sing a song for birthdays. There are many variations of the traditional “Happy birthday song”
                    You can write or print the song on a piece of paper to use during the year.
                    Prepare a pocket or a resealable bag with name tags and numbers to complete the blanks.

                    Happy birthday little star
                    Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

                    Happy birthday goes this song.
                    It’s your birthday all day long.
                    Last year Ana was ____ years old.
                    This year Ana is ______ we’re told.
                    Happy birthday little star!

                    Now we know how old you are.

                    Weather Time

                    Weather is the condition of air that surrounds Earth and it affects everyone’s life every day. It affects what we wear, what we do, what we eat, etc.
                    Discuss with your children the many effects weather has on their lives in your country.
                    Complete the weather chart and keep a weather journal every day.
                    If you have a boy/ girl/ bear weather, let children dress it with clothing items according to the weather.
                    Invite children to talk about their favourite kind of weather.

                    Prompt questions such as..
                    · What’s the weather like today?
                    · Do you like cold weather?
                    · Do you like cold or hot weather?
                    · What’s your favourite type of weather?

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