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Vocabulary is an absolute necessity at any grade level, but it’s especially important to create a good foundation in the primary grades. 

That’s why this FREE 25 page family vocabulary resource is great for use with your Kindergarten or 1st grade classroom and homeschool students.

This freebie focuses on the words mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, baby sister, baby brother, dog, and cat.

Students will start by identifying and then cutting & pasting the correct labels to each image. If you’d rather, students can identify and then write the correct label. Not sure your students are ready to identify them on their own? No worries! Have your students trace the correct word to get more comfortable with the family vocabulary.

Let’s not forget to work on some academics too! Your students will identify the beginning sound of each word. They will also be asked to read simple sentences, cutting and pasting them to match the correct picture.

Vocabulary and Math can be learnt together! Students can count the number of letters in each word and record them to help familiarize themselves with the words even more. They can also count how many of each family member are included in the picture and record it.

Want a more fun challenge? Have your students complete the secret puzzle to determine each word. This is a great enrichment or early finisher activity!

Any good vocabulary lesson needs a writing component! This freebie has the students write the words based on shape boxes, unscramble the words, practice creating a list while using commas, and write sentences.

Finally you will receive picture cards to use any way you see fit. Perhaps you’ll quiz your students on the various family member vocabulary or create a matching game. Whatever you decide, these cards will only enrich your students learning experience!

When you’re ready to begin your next vocabulary unit, make sure you grab this freebie! It’s sure to help you make the most of your lessons and help your students reach their fullest potential. 

Click through to get your FREE copy, or click here to see the many great Vocabulary Packs available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 


  1. Hi Ana, I love this pack and want to get it but the link is not working, can you email it?

  2. Is this pack 'Family vocabulary' no longer available?


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