A Mermaid, a Crab and a Kingdom

One of our school annual projects is working crosscurricular in our EFL/ ESL classes.

So, these are some of the activities we did at school while reading The Little Mermaid

We ..

made predictions. The kids looked at the cover of the book and told what they think the story would be about.

went on a picture walk through the book. We didn't read the text, just looked at each picture and told what they thought is happening in each picture.

cololored the cover of our folder.

talked about things they already knew about the ocean.

learned that K is for kingdom, M is for mermaid. Kids cut and pasted pictures from magazines and sorted them. M /K

made a baggie ocean scene using  a ziplock bag and squirt some gel toothpaste inside. We moved the toothpaste around inside the bag to coat the inside after that glued ocean shapes and stickers to the outside of the bag.

read different versions of the story 

sorted ocean animals by shape, size and color

used the vocabulary cards to review and practice vocabulary 

used the necklace to recall the events of the story. 
sorted the words by beginning sounds, syllables, short or long words 

looked for some information about Hans Christian Andersen

placed some plastic fish in a bag and estimated how many there were there

made puppets with craft sticks to sequence events 

finished the sentences The Mermaid is _____/ can _____ /has_____

learned a poem 

Take me out to the ocean
Take me out to the ocean,
Take me out to the sea,
There goes a starfish and sand dollar,
I'm having such fun,
I've just got to holler
Oh, it's swim, swim, swim, underwater
Catch a ride on a whale,
Don't fear, for the sea animals are our friends
Let's give a great big cheer!
Take me out to the ocean,
Take me out there right now.
Show me the sand and some sea shells, too.
I hear a seagull and boat that goes toot.
There are surfers riding the big waves.
And, I'm glad that I came.
Oh, it's one, two, three; build a castle
At the ocean today.
Take me out to the ocean
Take me out to the sea

compared parts of the body in humans and mermaids

listened to the song Under the sea

moved as different animals in the ocean

watched the movie, Disney version

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