Teaching New Words

New words recognition is an early skill that helps your children identify new words, associate words and pictures and consolidate word structure. 
Varying the type of vocabulary resources used will engage your kids and enable them to use the new words when they speak or write. 
Repetition is the key...but using different techniques and resources. 
The combination of these resources to introduce, review or practice new words will hopefully get your kids excited about learning new words.

  • Realia
  • Flashcards
  • Word Wall Cards
  • Board Games
  • Vocabulary Mats
  • Wearables: printable watches, headbands, ties, necklaces.
  • Vocabulary Worksheets

Why using these resources?
*They are a great tool to review and consolidate new words.
*They also build rich vocabulary and provide individual or partner practice.
*They  help your kids to improve visual memory, association, and comprehension.
Reading readiness and phonemic awareness (the ability to distinguish sounds in words) can be improved with the use of these resources.
*They are time savers! They are ready to be printed, laminated and given to kids to support and encourage the use of new vocabulary. 
*They provide a visual map to help children remember connections between words and the characteristics that will help them form categories.

Introducing vocabulary

There are many ways to be creative when introducing new words to the children. These are some tips

  • Start simple - introduce a few at a time.
  • Use realia (real objects) toy props, posters, cards, photographs.
  • Have children open a packaging – add props or word cards.
  • Receive a letter, a present, something as a surprise.
  • Display pictures of the new words in the flannel or magnet board.
  • Introduce through a story or music or a poem.
  • Let a puppet introduce the words.
  • Have a hunt for the new words in the classroom.
  • As you present new words to children, let them show understanding by pointing, naming, answering comprehensive questions, giving body language responses.
  • Prepare some activities for children to apply the new words, such as cloze sentences in pocket charts, prompt questions, talking to a puppet.

Steps to introduce new words


Place the props, or the cards where children can see them.

Pick up one and introduce its name using the structures children know, for instance “This is a ….”

Then hold up each one and ask “What is this?”

Model the answer “This is a ….”

Ask questions such as “Is this a ….?”

Model answer “Yes it is” “No it isn’t”


Introduce actions by asking children to do the action.

Model first

Then give directions

Let children follow you

Remember it is necessary to re-teach and recycle new words during the week.

How do you introduce new words to little kids?

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