Athena Myth { Free Pack }

Myths are a great way to get your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students excited about learning! When you incorporate this FREE Athena resource into your lessons, your students are sure to be having fun and engaged in their learning. 

With the activities in this freebie, your students will learn more about characters, sequence of events, various comprehension skills, writing skills, story plot, and more! Stick around for all the details!

Now let’s take a close look at everything included in the “Athena” myth freebie.
Your students will start with a KWL chart to show what they already know and want to know about Athena. You can come back to this later to add everything they’ve learned.

Next you’ll start right in on the comprehension skills. Students will work on sequencing, characters, setting, events, main ideas and details, and retell. 

Extend student learning by asking them to focus on what they learned during the story. Go a step further and have students use descriptive words to share more about Athena and everything she goes through during the myth. You can also compare her to other characters. 

Move back to cover some more comprehension skills! (You can NEVER have too many comprehension skills!) Ask students to share the theme, give more details, answer basic comprehension questions, discuss the setting, and to even share their favorite part of the story – ensuring they justify their reasoning. 

Their favorite activity of the entire resource may very well be the cootie catch (or fortune teller) that is included. 

And of course we can’t forget to work some writing skills into our story! Ask students to be descriptive by using adjectives, write a summary, and share what the character may be thinking.

Your students are going to love learning about myths in the classroom! All of the great printable worksheets are ready for you, so you simply have to print and go!

Click on  the picture to grab your FREE Athena download

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