Letter Formation Poems

When writing letters, it is important that children learn to go in the correct  direction (from top to bottom). 

These are some poems to recite with your children while learning to write the letters of the alphabet.

a--First make a round apple to eat; then a slide for an ant when he’s finished his treat-
b--Draw a straight back just like me.  Don’t forget to add a belly for b.
c--Cars can cruise down curvy c.  Stop near the ground--that’s it you see.
d--First you make a dime to spend.  Go way up high, then down to the end.
e--A little line starts off e.  Add a plate for an egg--here’s breakfast for me!
f--This flower grows tall and hangs a little.  Add a line right in the middle.
g--A garden starts with a little seed.  The roots grown down.  That’s all you need.
h--First start high, then take a jump.  Little h has a little hump.
i--Little i goes down; it’s an ice cream treat.  Add a sprinkle on top and it’s ready to eat.
j--Little j is so thin and lean.  Jump way down; then add a jellybean!
k--K and k have three lines as you can see: a tall straight back and a sideways v.
l--Little l looks like a number one.  Just draw a line and you are done!
m--Go down, hit the ground; then get ready for bumps.  Little m is easy to write; just add two humps.
n--Go down, hit the ground and you’re almost done.  Little m has two humps; n has only one!
o--Oh yum!  An orange to eat!  Nice and round; it’s a healthy treat.
p--Pop on down and then up you see.  Finish it off with a little pea!
q--A fancy queen with a little pearl.  Give q’s hair a special curl.
r--Go straight down; then race on back.  r has an arm, like a little rack.
s--Silly S and s, those slippery snakes.  Twisty, turny, ready to shake!
t--Little t is a little tree.  Add a fort in the middle for you and me.
u--Curve down and up; then down once more.  Little u is a cup that’s ready to pour.
v--Slant down first, then up like so.  This upside down volcano is ready to blow!
w--W and w have two pointy waves.  Swim in the water if you’re brave!
x--A criss and a cross and in case you forget, where is the treasure?  x marks the spot!
y--Slant down right, down to the ground.  Slant down left and take it underground.
z-Just zig a zag-1, 2, 3!

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