Happy Everything! Thanksgiving Day

What can you do to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with your kids?

Read “Thank You, Thanksgiving”

Make thank you turkey, add feathers throughout the day/week

Make mini pies & whipped cream

Read Thanksgiving books

Make handprint turkeys

Play Thanksgiving BINGO

Have a decoration contest between classrooms: Students vote on the most festive!

Have kids help make sandwich turkey with apple slice feathers

Play with floating cranberries

Make Mayflower snack cup name cards

Play Roll a Turkey

Have your students do Thanksgiving crafts that can be displayed in the classroom and hallways.

Create a “Thankfulness Wall” where students can write and post what they’re thankful for.

Play games with Thanksgiving themes that incorporate thankfulness, history, or autumn.

Thanksgiving is a favorite learning activity of many students! Use this print and go vocabulary packet to enhance your science unit. Included are 20 printable worksheets to help review the vocabulary words your students need to know. 
These pages can be used for homework, review, assessment, enrichment, and more! 

Here are the words included in this packet: 
Pilgrim boy
Pilgrim girl
Native boy
Native girl

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