Alphabet Bottles

Alphabet Bottles

Before hand prepare small bottles with some small objects inside. Fill it with sand. Ask the children move the bottles and find the small objects. Give each child a chart and ask him to draw the object he finds

 Make one bottle for each alphabet letter. Fill with small objects and toys such as:

Aa- acorns, plastic ants, mini apple erasers, mini astronaut figure.

Bb- buttons, band-aids, balloons, battery, and mini bear figure,
brushes, boats, buses.

Cc-coins, cars, cow, cats, camel figures, candy, crayons.

Dd- dogs, ducks, dinosaurs, dollar bill, doll dresses, dominoes, dice

Ee-erasers, eggs, elephant (or just an empty bottle)

Ff-feathers, flags, plastic flowers, fish, mini footballs, toy firemen

Gg-sticks of gum, anything green in color, golf tee, grass, artificial grapes

Hh- hearts, happy faces, horses, hangers from doll clothes, toy hammer

Ii- ice cream, picture of an igloo, small plastic insects, ivy, iguana

Jj-jacks, jelly beans, mini jeep figure, jewellery

Kk- keys, king of hearts playing card, kites, mini kitten, koala, kangaroo, Kix cereal

Ll-leaf, lace, letters, lima beans, licorice, lollipops, ladybug , lamb, lion, lizards
Mm-macaroni, mini marshmallows, money, magnets, marbles, mice

Nn- noodles, nails, nuts, nickels, piece of newspaper, numbers, necklace

Oo- octopus, ocean animal figures, oval cut out shape, olives

Pp- penguins, pencil, popcorn, peanuts, paper clips, pretzels, pennies, puzzle pieces, paper, pipe cleaner, price tag

Qq-quarters, queen of hearts playing card, picture of a quilt, Q-tip, quilt pieces

Rr- race cars, rabbits, rocks, rings, piece of rope, ribbon and rice

Ss- straws, spaghetti, stamps, sponges, screws, numbers 6 and 7, spiders, squares

Tt-teabag, toothpicks, turtles, tigers, tires, number 2, tape, number 10, triangles

Uu- umbrella, unicorn, mini map of the United States

Vv- violets, vans, volcano, velvet

Ww- whales, wheel pasta, whistle, watch, wood, wire, walnut, wallpaper scraps

Xx-(I use the final /x/ consonant sound) number 6, picture of an ox and a fox

Yy-anything yellow in colour, yarn,

Z-ziti, zipper, zebra

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