Alphabet Riddles

For each letter, get 4 pictures that begin with the intended letter and give them to the children. Make sure that 1 of the pictures is the item the riddle is about. After reading the riddle to the children, let them choose whichever picture is the answer.

A core in the middle and a stem on top. Picked from a tree or bought in a shop. Red, yellow, or green and, oh, so sweet. Crunchy to bite and healthy to eat.
What is it? Answer: apple

Black and yellow buzzing through the sky. Six little legs and wings to fly. Leaving its hive on the first day of Spring, But you better beware --It might sting!
What is it? Answer: bee

Whiskers so long and fur like silk. Playing with yarn and lapping up milk. Watching the birds by the window’s light. Curled on a rug purring all night.
What is it? Answer: cat

Chasing the postman and learning new tricks. Begging for bones and fetching sticks. A cold, wet nose, a bark and a bite. Fur so soft-- snuggle up tight!
What is it? Answer: dog

Symbol of America. Taking flight. King of the birds. Courage and might. Head brown or bald. In a great big nest. Soaring the skies from east to west.
What is it? Answer: eagle

Way down below in the deep, blue sea. Swimming in schools and gliding so free. Scales and fins. Worms for bait. Home in a bowl. Dinner on a plate.
What is it? Answer: fish

Living on a farm or a hill so steep. Beard on its chin. Related to sheep. Rams and Billies. Nannies too. Grass and shrubs they love to chew.
What is it? Answer: goat

Down on the farm with a feast of hay. Trotting through fields with a whinny and neigh. Saddle on top. Shoes down below. A mane so sleek-- Giddy-up-let’s go!
What is it? Answer: horse

Cold and windy. White with snow. Built on the ice for an Eskimo. Out in the Arctic. Bundle up tight. Step inside and say good night.
What is it? Answer: igloo

Rev the engine. Runway clear. Ready for takeoff. Clouds so near. Full of power.  Wings to fly. Zooming fast Across the sky.
What is it? jet

His majesty stands at the palace gate. A man of power with a royal fate. Father of the prince. In silk and gold. Wealth and jewels. Strong and bold.
What is it? Answer: king

King of the jungle roaring so loud. Seen in a zoo by a watchful crowd. Around its neck a mane so long. Stalking its prey, fierce and strong.
What is it? Answer: lion

Out from a hole, running on the ground. A long, skinny tail and a squeaky sound. Nibble the cheese but watch the trap. Hurry and scurry before that SNAP!
What is it? Answer: mouse

High in a treetop chirps are heard. Resting on a branch, home to a bird. Leaves and sticks, placed just so. Eggs and babies hatch and grow.
What is it? Answer: nest

Hooting so low in the dark of night. Eyes so sharp, ready for flight. Home in the forest, swooping to the ground. Catching a mouse without a sound.
What is it? Answer: owl

Living in a sty with an oink and snort. Pink and dirty. Fat and short. A small curly tail and four hooved feet. Rolling in the mud in the summer heat.
What is it? Answer: pig

Sitting on a throne with a golden crown. A lady so great in a robe and gown. Home in a castle, royal and grand. Proud and fair. Ruler of the land.
What is it? Answer: queen

Machine of the future. Toy in a store. Made to talk and walk on the floor. Body of metal. Arms to hold. Shaped like a human, silver or gold.
What is it? Answer: robot

Deep in the woods, awake at night. Black and furry with a stripe so white. Don’t get close or make it mad. It will spray with a smell so bad!
What is it? Answer: skunk

Moving on the tracks through snow and heat. "All aboard!" Take a seat. Steam from the engine. Wheels go round. Nearing the station, makes a choo-choo sound.
What is it? Answer: train

Sent from a planet? Shining light. Shaped like a saucer day or night. Martians inside? A mysterious glow. What could it be--does anyone know?
What is it? Answer: U.F.O.

Driving on the road. Pedal near the floor. Climb inside and slide the door. Bigger than a car. Long and wide. Smaller than a truck--It’s a family ride.
What is it? Answer: van.

Deep underwater, far from shore. A mammal so huge above the ocean floor. A suit of blubber, orca and blue. Air to breathe through a blowhole too.
What is it? Answer: whale.

Taking a picture inside of you, under the skin to see what to do. A doctor or nurse with a special light, looking at bones and fixing them right.
What is it? Answer: x-ray

It’s rare to see this animal roam. Far away in China, it calls home. With long, straight hair that hangs to the ground. Used for pulling loads around.
What is it? Answer: yak

Grazing in a field. Hooves like a horse. Home in Africa. Wild, of course. Body of stripes. Black and white. Running to hide--Lion in sight!
What is it? Answer: zebra 

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