Lepreachauns, Gold and Rainbows

What can you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kids?

Plant Shamrocks

Cook Irish stew.

Build a leprechaun trap

Talk about the meaning behind St Patrick’s Day.

Attend a St. Patrick's Day Parade

Make sugar cookies with green food coloring.

Serve green food, like green vegetables or green jelly

Learn about Ireland

Make green popcorn

Play con green playdough

Enjoy an apple dessert.

Read a chapter book about Patrick.

Tie dye shirts in green, of course!

Play a "gold pot" scaver hunt

Make St. Patrick's Day crafts.

Listen to some Irish music

Watch a St. Patrick’s Day movie

Using green paper of various shades, gold glitter, stickers, crayons, markers, and any other fun craft supplies that you can find, make shamrocks to decorate the room

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