Pigs, Pancakes and Pies!

My kids love Laura Numeroff stories. One of our school annual projects is working crosscurricular in our EFL/ ESL classes.

So, these are some of the activities we did at school while reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake

We ..

  • made predictions. The kids looked at the cover of the book and told what they think the story would be about.
  • went on a picture walk through the book. We didn't read the text, just looked at each picture and told what they thought is happening in each picture.
  • cololored the cover of our folder.
  • learned that P is for pancackes, pigs and pies. Kids cut and pasted pictures from magazines that begin with P
  • made some pancakes using this recipe. We ate some and took the rest home.
  • graphed our favorite pancakes
  • read about Laura Numeroff
  • looked for information about pigs. Then we compared real  and fictional pigs. We completed the chart.
  • used the necklace to recalled the events of the story. 
  • made puppets with craft sticks to sequence events
  • made pancakes with cardboard, piled them and kids estimated how many there were in the pile
  • finished the sentence If you give a pig a _____, he will ...
  • used the vocabulary cards to review and practice vocabulary
  • sorted the words by beginning sounds, syllables, short or long words
  • made pink playdough to make pink pigs.
  • walked across the room and back while balancing a pancake on a pancake turner.
  • played pancake toss (asked children try to flip the pancake by raising and lowering the pan)
  • learnt a rhyme
Pancake Rhyme
Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan.
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake,
Catch it if you can.


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