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Alphabet Recognition and Practice for Little Learners

Your students are going to master alphabet recognition and get great practice with letters when you try these ABC printable worksheets. Today’s focus letter – A!

First students will have to locate pictures that start with letter A and color them. But the coloring fun doesn’t end there! Have students also practice their letter recognition skills by coloring all of the letter A.
Of course there’s more! Next your students will take another printable worksheet and cut & paste the uppercase and lowercase letters into the correct place. And while we’re keeping things hands-on, let your students grab a magnifying class and locate the A words.

It’s also important to get plenty of writing practice in our day, so there’s worksheets for that as well. (Some of them even ask for illustrations if time allow that!) If your students aren’t quite ready for writing, there are tracing options instead.
And while all that writing is important, we also need to keep the learning fun! That’s why students will crack the code by working on initial sounds of letters. Plus writing the room is another favorite activity, so you can pass out that option.

Once you’re sure your students have mastered the letter A, you can check them by having them decide if letters belong in the “A” or “Not A” pile. It’s great as an assessment or review!

And of course I’ve included cards with words that start with the letter A. You can use these for a Matching game, as sight words, for your word wall, and much more. 

If you want to see all of my letter resources for your preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students – check out this link

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Alphabet recognition and letter practice has never been easier! Grab your print & go resources today and get started. Your students (and their families!) will thank you!

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