Ahoy Matey!

Gather the children in a group.

Tell them that for the next days they are going to learn about clothing items

Write on the board or on a sheet of paper

“Ahoy Matey!”

Invite children to tell you things they already know about the theme.

Make a list of the things the children know about the topic.

Keep the list until you have completed the theme.

What do you think when you hear the word clothing?

Accept all contribution without correction; establishing a risk-free setting will encourage everyone to talk.

These are some mats I used with my kids for our Writing Corner

If You're a Pirate and You Know It

Tune If you are happy and you know it
If you're a pirate and you know it, swab the deck (swish, swish)
If you're a pirate and you know it, swab the deck (swish, swish)
If you're a pirate and you know it, then you'll hear the sea winds blowin'.
If you're a pirate and you know it, swab the deck (swish, swish)

If you're a pirate and you know it, walk the plank (stomp, stomp) 
If you're a pirate and you know it, look for treasures (look through spyglass)
If you're a pirate and you know it, say ahoy Ahoy! (with arm movement)

5 Pirates on a Treasure Chest -Fingerplay 

5 pirates on a treasure chest
1 jumped off and 4 are left.
4 pirates on a treasure chest
1 slid off and 3 are left.
3 pirates on a treasure chest
1 fell down and 2 are left.
2 pirates on a treasure chest
1 was pushed off and 1 is left.
1 pirates on the treasure chest
he climbed down and then there were none.
No pirates on the treasure chest
Yo ho ho and now its all mine.

Make a pirate eye patch.

Make a ship with paper.

Use your favorite  play dough recipe.  Add black tempera paint and gold glitter for some great play dough!
I made this boardgame to review some concepts and vocabulary with my EFL Young Learners.
You can download it, print and add your skill.

Go on a treasure hunt!
Prior to looking for treasure, make a treasure map with the kids. Use the objects to check if they float (as pirates' ships) or not.
Pirates' Flags
Show pictures of different flags.  Encourage the children to Design their own Jolly Roger.
Visit National Geographic pirates for a high seas adventure.

Orange Slice Boats
Help children cut oranges into wedges.
Insert a toothpick into the meat of the orange.
Stick a piece of a healthy breakfast bar onto the top of the toothpick for a sail!  

Pirate Day

At the end of the theme have a "Pirate Dress Up Day". Adults and children come dressed in pirate costumes.

Stories to Read-Online

Peter and Wendy
Pirate's Treasure
Bunny and the Pirates
This is the time you “wrap up” the work.

Let children reflect about what they learned.

Discuss about things they liked and didn’t like.

Use this time to assess the teaching strategies

Gather the children in a group at the conclusion of the study of the theme.

Write on the board or on a poster “Things we learned about Pirates”

Invite children to tell you something about they have learned.

Prompt questions such as “What have we done during this week?” “What were we talking about?”

Make a list of all the things children say.

Read the first list you made with the group at the beginning of the unit.

Say “These are the things we write at the beginning. Do you remember?” “Now, this is what we have learned

At the beginning of the theme send home a note to parents stating for the theme the children will be learning about for the next few days,.

Suggest some ways families can be involved in the topic of study, for example:

Include the titles and authors of some of the children’s books about the theme.

Invite parents to look for these books in the library, check them out and read them with their child.

Send home some of the finger plays, rhymes, songs, poems that you have used with the children. Print them on colorful cards and record the children singing or chanting. Invite families to sing and rhyme with their children.

Ask families to send pictures or books or stuff related to the topic.

Family Fun Pack :Ahoy Matey!

Prepare a folder to use during this theme.

Prepare some play dough for children to play at home and cookie cutters with ship or pirates' shapes

Prepare bingo cards with pictures of pirates for families to play at home.

Add some books for families to read and tapes with music.

Invite families to talk with their children about famous pirates

Print the bus cookies recipe and send home

I made this set of cards to have fun with my kids. 

Pirates pack is a favorite learning activity of many students! Use this print and go vocabulary packet to enhance your Pirates unit. 

Included are 20 printable worksheets to help review the vocabulary words your students need to know. 
These pages can be used for homework, review, assessment, enrichment, and more! 

Here are the words included in this packet: pirate, ship, chest, parrot, hat, cannon,skull and sword. Each of these pictures are represented in word wall cards that come in color.

Students will cut and paste, match pictures and words, fill in the blanks, color by code, trace words, match pictures and beginning sounds, count letters, sort, match, and more! 

Included with this download are:
Cut and paste 
Color and write 
Trace and color 
Beginning sounds 
Write a sentence 
Write a list 
Letter Unscramble 

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