Siblings, Candies and a Witch

One of our school annual projects is working crosscurricular in our EFL/ ESL classes.
 So, these are some of the activities we did at school while reading Hansel and Gretel

We ..
  • made predictions. The kids looked at the cover of the book and told what they think the story would be about.
  • went on a picture walk through the book.  We didn't read the text, just looked at each picture and told what they thought is happening in each picture.
  • cololored the cover of our folder. 
  • learned that H is for Hansel, G is for Gretel. Kids cut and pasted pictures from magazines and sorted them. H /G
  • made some Candy Rocks, check here 
  • read different versions of the story
  • used the vocabulary cards to review and practice vocabulary
  • used the necklace to recall the events of the story.
  • sorted the words by beginning sounds, syllables, short or long words
  • role played activities linked to the story
  • interviewed characters from the story. How did they feel at particular point
  • sorted, patterned and graphed shapes found in the story
  • made puppets with craft sticks to sequence events
  • finished the sentence I like.....but I don't like.....
  • filled a Ziploc bag with candiess and estimated  the correct number of candies.
  • looked for information about forests. “Hansel and Gretel” is set in The Black Forest, a region of Germany which used to include an impenetrable forest. The Brothers Grimm collected their stories there
  • answered the question "What's your favorite candy?" Graph the results. 
  • drawed Gingerbread Houses. They answered some questions such as What’s your  Gingerbread House? What colour is it? What has it got?...
  • found out information about the Brothers Grimm and wrote some famous events in history took place while they were alive
  • drew a map for the siblings. 
  • drew a map from home to school
  • patterned shapes 

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