Time for pumpkins

To do beforehand:

Send home the new unit note.

Prepare the newsletter for the theme.

Check supplies.

Print the reproducibles for the week.

Make enough copies for your children.

Send the fieldtrip notes and prepare the tags.

Prepare the Family Fun Pack.

Make a beautiful Bulletin Board to decorate your class.

Explain that during the next days they are going to learn about apples.

Write on the board or on a sheet of paper:

Invite children to tell you things they already know about the topic.

Keep the list until you have completed the theme.

On posterboard print some Family words. Let the children come in small groups to decorate the signs with glitter, markers, stickers.

Brainstorm a list of descriptive words for pumpkins

Vote about your favourite recipe with pumpkins

We reviewed some sight words with these pumpkin cards

4 funny pumpkins grow in the farm 

4 funny pumpkins grow in the farm

the farmer came and took 1

then there were 3

3 funny pumpkins grow in the farm

the farmer came and took 1

then there were 2

2 funny pumpkins grow in the farm

the farmer came and took 1

then there was 1

1 funny pumpkins grow in the farm

the farmer came and took it

then there was none

I'm a little pumpkin
Tune of "I'm A Little Teapot" 

I'm a little pumpkin short and stout; (Squat down with hands on hips)
Here are my eyes and here is my mouth; (Point to each part as named)
When it's Halloween and you are out (Point to audience)
Just lift my lid and hear me shout. (Pretend to lift lid)
BOO! (Jump up and shout BOO!) 

Blow up a round balloon. Dip orange yarn into a mixture of one part glue and one part water. wrap yarn around the balloon until completely covered. Let dry, then pop balloon, use black craft foam to make face.

I bought some plastic pumpkins and made counting mats for kids to sort pumpkins in the correct card.

We also practised Adding and Substracting with Pumpkin Mats

We also worked on some shape recognition using these cards

Orange mix:
Fingerpaint with red and yellow paint.


 I like orange
I like orange
I like orange
I like pumpkins.
I like oranges.
I like orange.

Orange Collages
Set out sheets of white  construction paper, scissors and glue. Let the children look through magazines to find  pictures. I printed the questions in a white piece of paper. They had to look for colourful things in magazines and made a poster

Pumpkin Pancakes: add pumpkin pie spice to your regular pancake recipe.
Grill and serve, they don't even need syrup!

This is the time you “wrap up” the work.

Let children reflect about what they learned.

Discuss about things they liked and didn’t like.

Use this time to assess the teaching strategies

Gather the children in a group at the conclusion of the study of the theme.

Write on the board or on a poster

“Things we learned about pumpkins”

Invite children to tell you something about they have learned.

Prompt questions such as “What have we done during this week?” “What were we talking about?”

Make a list of all the things children say.

Read the first list you made with the group at the beginning of the unit.

Say “These are the things we write at the beginning. Do you remember?” “Now, this is what we have learned

At the beginning of the theme send home a note to parents stating for the theme the children will be learning about for the next few days,.

Suggest some ways families can be involved in the topic of study, for example:

Include the titles and authors of some of the children’s books about the theme.

Invite parents to look for these books in the library, check them out and read them with their child.

Send home some of the finger plays, rhymes, songs, poems that you have used with the children. Print them on colorful cards and record the children singing or chanting. Invite families to sing and rhyme with their children.

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