In the Garden

These are some activies we did while studying Adam and Eve as part of our "Yes, I can!" serie


  • collected leaves and made a collage
  • made a serpent using socks
  • created handprint trees
  • designed a garden using favorite art supples
  • painted with branches (or leaves)
  • pretended to be animals in the garden
  • discussed about the choice Adam and Eve made
  • looked for information about snakes
  • set our dramatic play area up as a garden.  The children made paper trees to hang in the area. Provided stuffed animals, artificial plants and trees (we asked parents to loan some to our class this week). The children took care of the animals and the plants.
  • put story pieces in the order of the story
  • went on a leaf hunt in order to collect leaves of different plants. I gave my kids instructions such as: find leaves that have more than one color, leaves with toothed edhes, leaves heart shaped, etc.. 
  • sorted leaves by size, shape, color, vein patterns, edges and made a big book of leaves
  • learnt a poem 
My garden
I'll work in my garden
I'll rake it with care
and some tiny seeds
I will plant here and there
In the spring the sun will shine
and with force the rain will fall
to make my garden blossom and grow tall
  • sang a song
Adam and Eve 
Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb

God created Adam, Adam, Adam.
God created Adam from the dust one day.
Adam needed a helper, a helper, a helper.
Adam needed a helper
So he would not be alone.
God created Eve, Eve, Eve.
God created Eve
From a rib from Adam's side.
They lived in a garden, a garden, a garden.
They lived in a garden, the Garden of Eden.
Add more verses as you like!

  • played a game: pass the fruit: sitting in a circle, pass the fruit while music plays. When you stop the music, they freeze.  Have the child who has the fruit hold it up in the air. Ask the children "Should we eat that fruit?".  Instruct them respond "NO!".
  • used wearables such us crowns and watches to retell  the story and to learn the memory verse.
  • painted, wrote and colored while reinforced Biblical principles
  • with the older kids we solved a wordsearch about the theme
  • read and wrote the memory verse

  • Suggested books
Adam and Eve by Roger Priddy
Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden by Jane Ray

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