Happy Everything!- MLK

What can you do to celebrate MLK Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to talk about cooperation, acceptance, peace and caring for all people. These are some suggestions:

What do you know about MLK?

Read a book about MLK

Kindness day: talk about MLK.

Write “I have a dream” speech

How can you help make your world a more peaceful place?

Make a handprint collage

Celebrate a special "Share Day"

Talk about what a hero is. Explain that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man who is a hero to many because he worked hard toward peace-all people getting along and being treated the same. 
Dr. King wanted to change that. He made a speech that he had a dream that someday, all people would get along no matter what color their skin was.
Read a book about Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Make a cooperative recipe
Play cooperative games
Sing a song

You are a Hero!
tune to "You Are My Sunshine"
You are a hero to many people
Of your dream for peace We love to sing.
You said we should be kind to each other.

Your name is Martin Luther King
Read a poem
Martin Luther King Had a Dream
Martin Luther King had a dream, Yes he did.
Martin Luther King had a dream, Indeed he did.
He dreamed we'd live as brothers
Having love for one another
And his dream is still alive through you and me..you and me!

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