January is here!

What can you during January? I made this list with ideas to make every day count!

J is for January and for…

Put January words in abc order

Use the January words to write a story. Draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Use the word January to make new words.

Can you say a word that rhymes with January?

What do you like doing in January?

How many vowels are there in the word January? And consonants?

Clap the word January. How many claps can you hear?

Make a list of things you want to do this January

It is a brand new year, what does it mean?

Count backwards from 10 to 1

Draw or write your New Year’s resolutions

How many days are there in a year

Can you find 3 words that rhyme with new

Gather some old and new items in a basket. Talk about opposites. Identify new and old items. Sort them.

New Year
Make a New Year card

Create a home made instrument to celebrate New Year at home

Chinese New Year

Make a Chinese lantern

What’s your favourite fortune cookie message?


What do you know about MLK?

Read a book about MLK

Kindness day: talk about MLK.

Write “I have a dream” speech

How can you help make your world a more peaceful place?

How do you build a snowman? Draw the steps needed to build a snowman. After you are finished, draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Happy January!

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