February is here!

What can we do in February? I made this list with ideas to make every day count!

Put February words in abc order

F is for February and for..

Use the February words to write a story. Draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Use the word February to make new words.

Write words that rhyme with heart

Complete the sentence " I like February because..."

Make a collage using chocolate wrapping paper

Write a message to someone you love

Draw some hearts. Decorate them with glitter

Could you find 3 words that rhyme with love?

What do you know about Saint Valentine?

Why is he famous?

What do people celebrate in Valentine’s day?

How many words beginning with v can you name?

How many words ending with v can you name?

Make a Happy Valentine’s card

Sing your favourite song

What’s your favourite book about Valentine’s day?

Write a loving message for your best friend

Leap Year

What is a leap year?

Groundhog's Day

Who is Punzsutawney Phil?

Write a weather forecast for the next 6 weeks of winter

Have you ever seen a groundhog?

Can you describe it?

Where do they live? Why are they famous for?

"Gr"is for groundhog and for …

What’s the beginning sound of the word shadow?

Can you think more words that begin like shadow?

Mardi Gras Carnival

What is a carnival?

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras in your country? How?

Do you celebrate carnivals? When?

Describe a carnival in your country

What is a parade?

What is your favourite disguise?

Dental Month

Write about why is important to take care of your teeth.

Do you clean your teeth?

How often?


If you were the president, what would you change about your country?

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