April is here!

What can you during April? I made this list with ideas to make every day count!

A is for April and for…

Put April words in abc order

Use the April words to write a story. Draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Use the word April to make new words.

April’s fool day

What is your favourite joke? Tell or write it

St George is the saint patron of

It is celebrated on

Where is England? Circle it in a map.

Do you like roses?

Plant some rose seeds

Earth day

Can you think of a word that rhymes with Earth?

Earth and health end with th, can you name more words ending with th?

Can you clap the word recycle? How many syllables has it got?

Roses and recycle begin with r, how many words beginning with r can you name? and ending with r?

Why is it important to recycle?

Why are trees important for the environment?

How many words can you make from the word environment?

April showers bring May flowers, what does it mean?

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