May is here!

What can you during May? I made this list with ideas to make every day count!

M is for May and for…

Put May words in abc order

Use the May l words to write a story. Draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Use the word May to make new words.

What do you like doing in May?

May Day

Plant some flowers for May day

What is celebrated in May day?

Where is it celebrated?

Mother Goose Day

Draw a picture of your favourite Mother Goose character

What’s your favourite nursery rhyme?

Cinco de Mayo

Do you like Mexican food?

Design a Mexican hat

Listen to Mexican music

What do you know about Memorial day?

Can you clap the word Memorial? How many syllables has it got?

Research about the holiday and write about it.

Labor day

What’s your father’s job?

Teacher Appreciation Day

Draw and colour a pic of your teacher. Write what you like about him/ her

Mother’s day

Write about what makes your mother special

Make a list of 10 questions that you would like to ask your teacher

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