Sensory Bins

I have been looking for a way to incorporate sensory bins in my EFL classroom and these is what I made!

Sensory Bins Grammar Edition

Sensory Bins Fairy Tales Edition

Sensory Bins Nursery Rhymes Edition

Sensory Bins Fables Edition

Sensory Bins Vocabulary Edition

Sensory Bins Phonics Edition

My kids love this hands-on way to learn English as a Foreign Language!

What can you do with sensory bins?

These are some suggestions for the little ones:

Listen and point.

Point and say.

Show me your favorite picture.

Use the new words in sentences.

Clap your favorite word.

Count syllables in a word.

Sort pictures by shape, color, size.

Find a picture that begins with “A”.

If you are working with older kids they can:

Find an animal that can fly.

Find 2 items of clothing.

Find a compound word.

Find a word that has 3 letters.

Find a word that sounds like ...(specify a word).

Find rhyming words.

Find similar and different pictures.

Find the plural of …(specify a word).

Find these words in a book or text.

Find words that begin/end with (specify a letter).

Find words that end with (specify a letter).

Find a descriptive word, an action word

Sort the words by beginning/ending sounds.

Sort the words by number of consonants/ vowels.

Sort words by number of syllables.

Sort words by category.

Sort words by stress.

Sort words by story / fable / nursery rhyme.

Write the words and check them together with your teacher.

Write the words in alphabetical order by the first letter, second letter, etc.

Use the words to make riddles.

Use the words to write a story or a poem.

Use the words to write sentences.

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