Barrier Games

These activities were influenced by current thinking about the role of language in learning. They are designed to help children learn through talk and active learning in small groups. They work best in mixed classes where children in need of language or learning support are integrated. They are well suited for the development of speaking and listening .

They also give children the opportunity to participate in their own words and language in their own time without pressure. 

How to play:
1-Players take turns to select a picture while giving directions to the other player so they can place the same picture in the same position. “Place the pig next to the house” 
Players continue until all the pictures are placed. 

2- Players take turns to draw something on the scene and then give directions so that the other player can draw an identical item in the same location.
“Draw the pig next to the house” "Color the tortoise green".Players continue until all the pictures are used.

When they finished you can ask them to 

  • identify elements in the picture. Ask "What color is the house?" "How many eggs can you see?" "Tell me the names of the things in the garden"
  • deduce. Ask the children to deduce from their observations: "Look at the tree. What season of the year is it?"
  • give an opinion. Ask the children to express their opinion "Do you like Peter's coat?" "Which animal do you like best?"
  • write sentences.
  • write a short story.

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