Fables- Bundle 17 packs

With this download you will find 16 packs ready to print and use to teach fables to your  kids at school or home!

These are the packs in the bundle:
  1. The Tortoise and the Hare
  2. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  3. The Lion and the Mouse
  4. The Fox and the Stork
  5. The Fox and the Grapes
  6. The Dog and his Shadow
  7. The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf
  8. The Crow and the Pitcher
  9. Belling the Cat
  10. The Country Maid and her Milkpail
  11. The Lion and the Boar
  12. The Ant and the Dove
  13. The Two Crabs
  14. The Wind and the Sun
  15. The Peacock's Crane
  16. The Fox and the Rooster
  17. The Dog in the Manger

In each pack you will find 25 pages of printables, your life will be made easier by just printing off the worksheets you need to teach the lesson.

This pack focuses on the following skills or concepts: identifying important events, retell, graphic organizers, vocabulary, illustrations, details, KWL, plot, sequence, descriptions, characters, key details, comprehension, major events, and more!
With your purchase you will get everything you need to teach the story.

Students will be engaged and thinking critically. These printable worksheets can be used for the whole group, small group, guided reading, individualized instruction, differentiated instruction, assessment, and more!

Included in this download are:
Important events
Characters, settings, events
Retelling headbands
What have I learned?
Retell printable puppets
Descriptive words
Compare & Contrast characters
Drawing Details
Draw & Write about Favorite Part
Who? What? Where? How?
Tree map
Vocabulary work
Character’s Thoughts
Around the Room vocabulary
Vocabulary cards are also included! These would be great for labeling, drawing, a pocket chart, and more!

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