Nursery Rhymes - Bundle

Get the the Nursery Rhyme Bundle to find 20 packs ready to print and use with your kids at school or home ! 

Each pack with 30 pages of printables, your life will be made easier by ju st printing off the worksheets you need to teach the lesson. 

Thispack focuses on the following skills or concepts: identifying important events, retell, graphic organizers, vocabulary, illustrations, details, KWL, plot, sequence, descriptions, characters, comprehension, major events, and more! 

With your purchase you will get everything you need to teach the rhyme. 

Your children will be engaged and thinking critically. These printable worksheets can be used for the whole group, small group, guided reading, individualized instruction, differentiated instruction, assessment, and more! 

Included in this download are:
Important events 
Characters, settings, events 
Retelling headbands 
Favorite character 
Retell printable puppets
Descriptive words 
Drawing Details 
Draw & Write about Favorite Part 
Who? What? Where? How? 
Tree map 
Vocabulary work
Retell Necklace 
Character’s Thoughts 
Around the Room vocabulary 

Vocabulary cards are also included! These would be great for labeling, drawing, a pocket chart, and more! 

These are the packs:

1-Baa Baa Black Sheep
2-Georgie Porgie
3-Hey Diddle Diddle
4-Hickory Dickory Dock
5-Humpty Dumpty
6-Itsy Bitsy Spider
7-Jack Be Nimble
8-Jack and Jill
9-Little Bo Peep
10-Little Miss Muffet
11-Little Jack Horner
12-Mary Had a Little Lamb
13-Mary Mary Quite the Contrary
14-Pat a Cake
15-Polly Put the Kettle On
16-Sing a Song of Six Pence
17-There Was a Crooked Man
18-This Little Piggy
19-Old Mother Hubbard
20-Once I Caught A Fish Alice

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