Celebrate Two's Day in the ESL Classroom!

Do you want to celebrate two's day in your classroom but don't know where to start? Well I've made a list of the songs and activities that you and the students can do to celebrate two's day at school or home.

Some ideas:

Decorate the room with number 2.

Do everything in pairs.

Sing The Animals Went in Two by Two

Write a sentence using the words to/too, and two.

Write a sentence using exactly 22 letters.

Count to 22.

Bring two items that are different. Talk about them.

Practice homophones.

Make two different kinds of sentences.

Talk about your favourite things during 2 minutes.

Complete the sentence "When I was 2..."

Have a students wear two different socks or mittens.

Write 2 syllables words.

Use a ruler to find something in the classroom (or at home) that is exactly 22cm long.

Find someone in the room who was born on either the 2nd or 22nd day of a month. 

Count things in twos like 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 ears, 2 pencils, 2 books, 2 books 

Name two things that are best when in a complementary set of two.

Write about "When I'm 22.."

Do some movements in pairs.

Think 2 words that rhymes with two.

Make a list of 22 items.

Grab your free copy here!

Celebration is the key to learning, and when the class can celebrate together, then there are great benefits for all!

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