The Perfect Way to Teach the Queen Jubilee in the ESL Classroom!


What is the Queen Jubilee?
The Queen Jubilee is a ceremonial event held in the United Kingdom to mark the accession of Queen Elizabeth II. It is held every three years, on the occasion of the Queen's official birthday.

How can we teach children about the Queen Jubilee?

There are a number of fun activities that can be done to celebrate the Queen Jubilee. Here are a few ideas:
One way is to have students participate in discussion and debate about the meaning of the holiday and what it represents for different people.
After that show them pictures of her, or videos of her if you can find any. You can tell them about her life and how long she has been queen. If you know any interesting facts about her, share those as well. You can also find books about her at the library, or look online for websites that are geared towards children and teach them about the Queen Jubilee.
Additionally, students could create art or writing about the Queen Jubilee, or take part in activities that celebrate British culture.

More ideas:
-A brief history of the Queen Jubilee and her reign.
-The Queen Jubilee's duties and responsibilities.
-How the Queen Jubilee is chosen.
-The different traditions and ceremonies associated with the Queen Jubilee- Have a street party: This is a great way to get everyone involved and celebrate together.
- Decorate your house: Show your support for the Queen by decorating your house with union jacks and other patriotic decorations.
Have students design a crown or tiara for the Queen.
- Make a cake: What better way to celebrate than with a special Jubilee cake?
- Have a picnic: Get together with friends and family and enjoy a picnic in your local park or garden.
- If you live in the UK go to a Jubilee event: there are sure to be a number of events taking place around the country to mark the Jubilee.
-Have a carnival with games and rides.
-Cook traditional Jubilee food in class.
-Have a tea party in class to celebrate the Jubilee.
-Make Union Jack flags and decorate the classroom with them.
-Study British culture and traditions associated with the Jubilee.
-Learn about other countries' celebrations of their own Monarchs' Jubilee.
-Make hats and crowns.
-Cook traditional British food.
-Watch documentaries or movies about the Queen.
-Learn about the countries in the Commonwealth.
-Read books about the royal family.
-Write letters to the Queen.

All in all, the Queen's Jubilee is an excellent opportunity to teach your students about a significant event in British history. It is also a chance to incorporate a variety of activities into your lesson plans, from watching the flotilla on television to making Union Jack bunting. By using a multimedia approach, you can make the most of this special occasion and ensure that your students have a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.

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