Great ideas to teach about Independence Day

Argentine Independence Day falls on July 9th and is a public holiday in Argentina. The day commemorates the country's Declaration of Independence from Spain in 181 There are a number of ways that teachers can incorporate Argentine Independence Day into their ESL classrooms.

Here are a few ideas:
  • Start with the basics – what is Argentina, where is it located, what is its flag, what is the capital city, etc.
  • Give a brief history of Argentina – how it was colonized, by whom, and what its early history was like.
  • Discuss the events leading up to Argentina's independence from Spain – the May Revolution of 1810, the Argentine War of Independence, etc.
  • Explain what Argentina's independence day – 9th July
  • Have students research the history of Argentine Independence Day and present what they learned to the class.
  • Show students a map of Argentina and have them identify the location of Buenos Aires, the capital city.
  • Watch a short video about Argentine Independence Day and discuss it as a class.
  • Make Argentine-themed snacks to enjoy in the classroom, such as alfajores.
  • Start by asking your students what they know about Argentina. Introduce some key vocabulary related to the topic.
  • Get your students to share their own experiences of celebrating national holidays.
  • Tell the story of Argentina's independence day using props or a picture book.
  • Get your students to act out key scenes from the story.
  • Hold a class discussion to get your students thinking about the meaning of independence
  • Engage students in a game of "fill in the missing words" about the Argentine Declaration of Independence.
  • Have students watch a video about the Argentine Declaration of Independence, and then discuss it as a class.
  • Assign students to research different aspects of the Argentine Declaration of Independence, and then present their findings to the class.
  • Teach students about traditional Argentine dances, and then have them perform the dances in class.
  • Discuss the history of Argentinean independence day and what it means to the people of Argentina.
  • Have students research different aspects of the holiday and share their findings with the class.
  • Plan a festive celebration in class with Argentinean food and music.
  • Decorate the classroom with Argentinean flags and other traditional holiday decorations.
  • Teach students some traditional Argentinean dances to perform during the celebration.

In conclusion, the Argentinean independence day is a great opportunity to teach your ESL students about the country's history and culture. There are many resources available online to help you plan your lesson. With a little creativity, you can make the lesson fun and interactive for your students.

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