A fun and easy way to teach The Musician of Bremen.


The Bremen Town Musicians is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm

It tells the story of four aging domestic animals, who after a lifetime of hard work are neglected and mistreated by their former masters. Eventually, they decide to run away and become town musicians in the city of Bremen. Contrary to the story's title the characters never arrive in Bremen, as they succeed in tricking and scaring off a band of robbers, capturing their spoils, and moving into their house.

There are many ways to teach the popular story of The Bremen Town Musicians in the ESL classroom. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Use the story as a springboard for discussion about following your dreams. What did each of the animals want to do with their lives? Why did they end up going to Bremen? What happened once they got there?

This story is also a great opportunity to teach some musical genres and musical instruments.
as well as about the history of music in different cultures.

Start by teaching your students about the history of the town of Bremen and its importance as a major port city.

Introduce the concept of following directions, as the animals in the story must follow the directions of the leader in order to succeed.

Describe the animals’ journey to Bremen and their adventures along the way.

Teach a lesson on the German language and culture

Use pictures of the musician to help explain the story.

Play the music of the musician for the students to listen to.

Ask the students questions about the musician and the story.

Have the students act out the story of the musician of Bremen.

Give the students a quiz about the musician of Bremen.

Have the students act out the story.

Make a game out of the story.

Give the students a chance to make up their own ending to the story.

Have a discussion about the moral of the story.

Have the students make their own instruments and perform a concert.

Encourage students to research other famous musicians from Bremen.

Have the students create their own version of the story.

Are you planning to watch the movie? 

Before showing the students the video, create a web or word doc. with some basic information about the video.

Introduce the video by telling the students that they are going to be watching a video about the musician of Bremen.

While the students are watching the video, have them take notes on what they are seeing and hearing.

After the video is finished, lead a discussion about what the students liked and didn't like about the video.

There are many ways to teach the story of "The Musician of Bremen" in the ESL classroom. You can use activities and games to help your students understand and remember the story, and you can also use songs and other media to reinforce the concepts. No matter what approach you take, teaching the story of "The Musician of Bremen" in the ESL classroom can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your students.

The Bremen Town Musicians book companion is a wonderful way to teach students new vocabulary, reading and writing skills. This unit includes activities that are perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, as well as ESL and EFL classrooms of all grade levels. Help your students connect with the new vocabulary and concepts using this story.

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