A Guide to Teaching About Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It runs from September 15 to October 15.  

There are many ways to celebrate and learn about Hispanic Heritage Month. One way is to visit a local museum or cultural center that has exhibits or events planned for the month. 
Encourage your students to learn about the history and culture of Hispanic Americans. There are many resources available online and in libraries. 

Have your students share what they have learned with the class. This can be done through presentations, posters, or skits. Another way is to read books or watch movies that focus on the Hispanic experience.  

Finally celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with food! There are many traditional Hispanic dishes that your students can try.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, National Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to learn more about the rich and diverse culture of Hispanic Americans

More ideas:
  • Start with the basics: What is Hispanic Heritage Month?
  • Explain the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage.
  • Share some fun facts about Hispanic culture.
  • Introduce some of Hispanic culture's most famous figures.
  • Teach your students about traditional Hispanic foods.
  • Use books and other literature to teach about Hispanic Heritage Month. There are many great books available that can help you teach your students about the history and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans.
  • Put together a special Hispanic Heritage Month concert or play.
  • Have a Hispanic Heritage Month essay contest.
  • Celebrate with a fiesta
  • Incorporate music and art into your lessons. Hispanic and Latino American music and art are rich and vibrant, and can be a great way to engage your students in learning about the culture
  • Participate in Hispanic and Latino heritage-related activities and events.
  • Take your children to a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. There are often festivals and other events held during this time. This is a great way for your children to learn about the different cultures within the Hispanic community.
  • Have your students research and write about Hispanic and Latino American heroes. There are many inspiring stories to be told.
  • Visit a local Hispanic market or restaurant. Many Hispanic markets and restaurants will have special events and activities going on during Hispanic Heritage Month.


Overall, it is important to be respectful and humble when teaching about Hispanic Heritage Month. It is also essential to be inclusive of all Hispanic cultures, not just those that are highly visible in the media. By doing so, you can help create a more understanding and tolerant world for everyone.

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