Easy and fun ways to teach the Color Monster in the ESL Class!

The Color Monster by Anna Llenas is a great book to use in the ESL classroom. It is a story about a monster who is trying to figure out his emotions. The book is very colorful and the illustrations are very helpful. The book can be used to help teach emotions, colors, as well as reading comprehension and fluency.

One of the most important things that children need to learn is how to understand and cope with their emotions. Teaching children about emotions can help them to understand themselves and others better, and to develop the skills they need to manage their emotions effectively.

The Color Monster teaches children about different emotions by teaching them about the different colors that represent different emotions. For example, the color red represents anger, the color blue represents sadness, the color yellow represents happiness, and the color green represents calmness.

Here are some ideas on how to use The Color Monster in the ESL classroom: 

-Read the book aloud to the class and discuss the different emotions that the monster is feeling. 
-Have the students draw pictures of the different emotions that they feel.
-Read the story together and discuss the different emotions that the monster is feeling.
-Make a class book by having each student illustrate one of the emotions from the story.
-Use the story as a springboard for discussion about emotions.
-Make a chart with the different emotions and their corresponding colors.
-Have the students write sentences about the different emotions using the chart as a guide.
-Have students act out scenes from the book using puppets or props.
-Create a classroom Monster book where each student draws a picture of their feelings.

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More ideas:

  • Teach the Color Monster the names of different colors and emotions.
  • Use crayons, paint, or food coloring to help the Color Monster understand different colors and emotions.
  • Help the Color Monster understand how to mix colors to create new colors.
  • Take the Color Monster on a field trip to a local store or market to see different colors in the real world.
  • Try to find everyday objects around the house or classroom that are different colors.
  • You could have the students color different objects with different colors and then have them describe the colors to the Color Monster.
  • You could play a game where students have to guess what color the Color Monster is thinking of.

Overall, The Color Monster is a great book to use in the ESL classroom. Not only will it help students with their vocabulary and grammar, but it will also teach them about emotions and how to deal with them. This book can be used in a number of different ways, so be creative and have fun with it!

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