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Bilingual Resources At Your Fingertips!

Is finding good lesson materials for teaching English and Spanish giving you a hard time? Well I have what you are looking for! I created ALL in ONE Lifetime Folder with tons of printables and digital resources from preschool to teens in English. Instead of collecting resources one by one, now you have access to hundreds of resources at your fingertips!

You can teach mixed ability classes using the resources that best suit them, without having to purchase multiple separate resources.

You are invited to be a member of ALL in ONE 

Supercharge Your ESL/EFL Classroom with Premium Resources. Experience the ultimate teaching transformation with our premium ESL/EFL resources! Our carefully curated collection of materials is designed to captivate your students' imaginations and ignite their language learning journey. From engaging lesson plans to interactive activities, our resources are tailored to meet the diverse needs of ESL/ESL classrooms.

Lifetime Folder free trial!

With our membership, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of educational gems, saving you time and boosting your teaching prowess. Join our community of dedicated educators and elevate your classroom to new heights of success. Invest in your students' futures and unlock the power of effective ESL/EFL instruction today!

Each month get inspired with all the bilingual ideas and resources in my All in One Membership. All our resources are aimed to be taught to ESL students from preschool and teens and they are ready to download and use. As I add new resources, they will be added to this membership first. As a member, you are my top priority! Get ALL-ACCESS PASS for products, both current and future!

  • No more nights or weekends spent searching the Internet looking for resources for your ESL classes.
  • No more feeling stuck in a rut doing the same old activities all the time.
  • No more paying for individual files.
  • No more frustration or overwhelm with so much to do with so little time.

All the resources I have created plus new resources every month!

My All in One Lifetime Folder grants you access to amazing digital and printable resources all packaged inside one convenient membership folder. As a member, you will also have first access to all new resources! No log in, no passwords, no user name. After buying you will get a document with link to a Google Drive Folder to download all my resources both current and future.

It includes all the resources listed in my store such as:

  • book companions
  • phonics worksheets packs
  • alphabet worksheets packs
  • myths
  • fables
  • nursery rhymes
  • seasonal centers
  • tall tales
  • grammar worksheets packs
  • playdough mats and cards
  • sensory bins
  • write the room packs
  • task cards
  • language games
  • foldables and lapbooks
  • listening & speaking skills games
  • math games
  • powerpoint presentations and games
  • vocabulary worksheets packs
  • games for centers
  • worksheets
  • flashcards
  • posters
  • file folders
  • lapbooks and foldables packs
  • dramatic play role packs
  • writing packs
  • life cycles packs
  • phonetic worksheets packs
  • dramatic play sets

You will find all the resources sorted by type, like task cards, foldables, book companions and themes like Christmas, Summer, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Have everything you need for your English and Spanish classes in one place in one place to help you with more creative ideas for your mixed ability classes.

Do you want to see what is inside the All in One Folder and grab some free samples?

Take a sneek peek

Have questions? Please read:

How does ALL in ONE Lifetime Membership work?

When you buy All in One Lifetime Pass you will get a document with a clickable link to a Google Drive Folder where you can see ALL my resources there. Find any product in my store in your folder (except freebies). You will find the resources I have created in one folder instead of adding each resource to your cart. It is very easy to navigate. When you buy All in One Lifetime Membership you’ll get immediate access to hundred of resources trusted for teachers all around the world.

If I suscribe, can I start downloading resources immediately?

Of course you can! After payment you’ll receive a clickable link to a Google Drive Folder to get immediate access to all the resources available there.

What grade levels do the resources cover?

As a bilingual teacher I know the importance of having resources easy to differentiate in a mixed ability class so I cover a range of grade levles from Preschool through 7th grade. While not all the students start studying a foreign language at the same age there are enough resources for you to make the membership worth it. This is a great opportunity for teachers who work in bilingual schools, who teach ESL or Spanish in state or private schools, who teach in English institutes as well as for online English and Spanish teachers and tutors. My goal is to offer different resources at a wide variety of levels to meet every child at their level.

Are all your resources included?

Yes! Every resource I have ever created is included in your ALL in ONE Lifetime Membership. All the printable and digital resources there make the membership worth it but don’t forget that you’re getting access to all current resources as well as future resources I add it each month, too! All for less than a dollar a day! PLUS I add new resources monthly so you’ll get your money’s worth with the new resources I add.

Can resources be used for online teaching?

Yes, many of the resources can be used for distance learning or for digital teaching at school. You will find powerpoint presentations you can use either during virtual classess or in your own classroom.

Are BOOM Cards included?

No they aren’t. If you want to buy my BOOM Cards you can take advantage of saving bundles in Boom Learning Platform.

I live in Argentina and I cannot pay using Paypal, can I join?

Of course you can! I have different payment options for our Argentinean friends! 
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More questions? Fill this form and I will be happy to answer your questions

All the resources you will find in my store

plus exclusive resources for members!

More questions? Fill this form and I will be happy to answer your questions.


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