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What I like most about my ESL/EFL printables is that they double as an educational activity. Your kids will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning. 

They are designed to keep the prep to a minimum while also bringing a little educational fun to your classroom.

Let your ESL/EFL students practice the letters of the alphabet with this no prep print and go pack. The reproducible printables are going to help you introduce, review, and consolidate letter recognition.
With a variety of pages, you’ll be able to help your beginning learners as well as those who are more advanced. Very young learners and primary students will benefit from this product.
This packet touches on a variety of skills. These include cut and paste, tracing, beginning sounds, letter recognition, and writing letters, words, and sentences.

Using stories is an excellent way to engage students of all ages and skill levels. These book study units are a wonderful way to teach students new vocabulary, reading and writing skills. The units include  and activities that are perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, as well as ESL and EFL classrooms of all grade levels. Help your students connect with the new vocabulary and concepts using this sweet story of family. 
Activities included in this resource will work on reading comprehension, vocabulary, retelling and summarizing, story elements and more. Perfect for whole class lessons, small group instruction, guided reading groups, independent centers and morning work. Lead your students to start thinking like a good reader with these amazing activities.

Your Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade ESL / EFL students will love learning new vocabulary with this Exploring English downloadable resource. This resource includes vocabulary cards that are perfect to display in the classroom or on the word wall. There are also a variety of interactive activities that will get your students learning and working with their new English vocabulary. The activities include coloring worksheets, a mini book, a wearable headband and watch, and so much more. Help your ESL and EFL students master the new vocabulary with this fun and engaging resource.

Task Cards are a great way to promote independent learning in your ESL/EFL classes.
These task cards are great practice for writing and speaking, too.
Plus follow up worksheets to record the answers.

Engage your students with these wonderful packs. Use these  stories as a basis for teaching important vocabulary, reading and writing skills to your kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students. They are an excellent resource for ESL and EFL classrooms too! Your students will be drawn in by the story and you will love the important skills they are learning. Activities in this unit work on vocabulary, retelling, summarizing, story elements, reading comprehension and so much more! These NO PREP printables will save you time without sacrificing the rigor of your lessons.

Why Digging for Phonetic Symbols?
As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language I teach phonetic symbols (IPA) to my young learners. Phonetic symbols represent the sounds of the English language. The alphabet we use to write English has 26 letters but 44 sounds.
The aim for Digging for Phonetic Symbols® is using IPA symbols with young children associated to pictures. For example the long i associated to the picture of a sheep.
If you introduce them in a natural way, making connections between pictures and sounds, giving children opportunities to see, listen, read, cut, sign, chant, hop, clap, paste, cook and eat symbols, your children will learn them in the same way they learn letters.

Engage your pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade and ESL students with the rhyme and rhythm of the poem is a perfect for teaching new vocabulary, phonics and sight words. Your students will not only love the stories but will also be engaged in learning with all of the activities provided in the units. Perfect for morning work, centers, whole class lessons and small group instruction. There are so many activities that you can teach with them.

Vocabulary is the foundation of language. Help your students learn winter vocabulary words so that they can improve their overall language skills. These winter vocabulary activities are perfect for ESL and EFL classrooms as well as young learners in PreK and Kindergarten. A great language and science connection too! With these  Vocabulary Activities and Worksheets, your students will be learning and reviewing important seasonal themed vocabulary words while having fun too!

I began this FREE serie for the SEL Workshops at school. Our ESL/EFL students need to know how to stay safe with people and parents and teachers need to know what actions to take, what words to say after something bad has happened, and how to teach their kids in ways that empower them rather than traumatize them.
Kids can
Use communication skills to know when and how to ask for help when needed.
Acquire and demonstrate acceptable interpersonal skills as they relate to understanding oneself and others.
List and describe the skills related to personal safety and protective behaviors.
Use effective problem-solving and decision-making skills to make safe and healthy choices.
You will find some posters with safety rules as well as some coloring and activity worksheets.

Use these Building Sentences Mats to help your ESL/EFL students to form sentences picking three cards and placing them on the mat.

Use these ready to print and use mats to help your ESL/EFL students to practise sequencing. There are also graphic organizers for kids to cut out and place pictures in order.
These are perfect for ELL learners to practice oral language and writing skills. You can extend this activity by having your students write the sentences in the follow up worksheets.

Let your kids learn new words using these Playdough Mats.
These are a set of printable playdough activity mats to encourage children to manipulate their dough in different ways to introduce or review the name of some new vocabulary. Laminate and use with playdough or dry erase markers.

Write the Room is one of my class favourite activity. I designed them for my ESL/EFL students to move around the classroom while reading and writing new words. This is a great activitiy for your Vocabulary Center, Word Work Center and Writing Center, too.
You will find everything ready to download, print,and use with your children in this pack.
Just print,laminate, and cut out the word/picture cards and hang them around your classroom.
Invite your children to put the recording sheet on a clipboard and walk around the room, finding all the cards and writing the words next to the picture.
They can also write wonderful sentences using the new words.Read more...

Get you ESL/EFL students drawing, writing and thinking with these creative writing pages.

If you are looking for a way to introduce, practice and consolidate grammar elements with your ESL and primary aged students this pack is for you!

These worksheets will help your students learn about nouns, common and proper, singular and plural.

These pages can be used as a resource to review and practice these concepts at school or at home.

Engage your students in speaking or writing activities with these engaging question cards. These question cards are perfect for working on oral language skills with your ESL students. Help your students learn new vocabulary related to different topics. Then use the new vocabulary with speaking and writing activities. These questions also make great writing prompts for kids of all ages and abilities.

File folders are always a fun and easy way to practice or review different skills with our kids.
When learning to form and write letters, it’s important for children to learn the beginning sounds of some seasonal words. Practicing this vital pre-writing skill is both fun and easy with this file folder game!

If you are considering using Tall Tales to enrich the experience of the target language and culture in your ESL /EFL classrooms, these pacs are for you!
It’s no prep for the teacher, just print and go!
This product is great for centers, review, reinforcement, remediation, homework, small group word, individualized instruction, and more!

Flashcards can be used in many ways to introduce and practise vocabulary, grammar structures, as well as consolidate, recycle and extend children’s language.
So make learning grammar with your ESL/EFL students fun!

Teaching alphabetical order gives children a practical skill that applies in many areas of life. Let your ESL/EFL students learn alphabetical order using this fun educational set of posters.

Teaching alphabetical order gives children a practical skill that applies in many areas of life. Let your ESL/EFL students learn alphabetical order using these fun educational sets of cards.

You will find cards with vocabulary and follow up worksheets.

You will find lot of vocabulary packs ready to print and go to enhance your vocabulary lessons.

Included in each pack there are printable worksheets to help review the vocabulary words your students need to know to learn about each country.

These pages can be used for homework, review, assessment, enrichment, and more!

Your children will match pictures and words, fill in the blanks,trace words, find words in a word search, write sentences and more!
Each of the new words in represented in vocabulary cards that come in color!

Check out this awesome bundle! It’s no prep for the teacher, just print and go! Students at school or home will love learning about ancient civilizations with these engaging printables!

Use this print and go vocabulary packet to enhance your vocabulary lessons.

These pages can be used for homework, review, assessment, enrichment, and more!

As educational tools, myths and legends are great for language learning. I designed these serie of myths to my elementary ESL/EFL students but you can select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of yours.

If you and your students are into lapbooks, booklets, notebooking or other foldables, you will love this pack!

Foldables resources are a great tool that can be used for skills reinforcement, practice, and/or information organizing. They also provide a kinesthetic tool for organizing and analyzing learning.
They are very easy to customize to suit the various learners that you work with.

Mixed-Up Sentences is a pack designed to be used in your ESL/EFL classroom as a literacy center as well as to add some vocabulary to your writing center. They are even great in a small group as a review or quick assessment.
I included  sentences for students to build and write. Just print, laminate, and cut out the sentence cards. Let kids unscramble the words to create a complete sentence using there is/there are Then they will record their sentence on the recording sheet using correct letter formation, capitalization, spacing and punctuation.

These Life Cycle Packs will help your students to learn about the life cycle of animals and plants.
Your students will learn important science vocabulary realted to life cycles. They will also work on the important skill of sequencing. Finish up or review with a cut and paste worksheet that is perfect for independent practice. Life Cycle Activities indludes: 3 sequencing mats, a life cycle wheel
and a cut and paste worksheet.
These activities are perfect for whole class lessons, science centers, small group instruction, morning work and more. This polar bear resource includes both color and black & white options. Choose the one that works best for your classroom.

Let your students practice sound recognition with these engaging printables! Students will practice their phonics skills to solve the mystery!
Plus there’s no prep on your part, just print and go!
With this download your students will get practice with beginning sounds, phonics, sight word recognition, tracing, writing, cutting and pasting, and more!

Listen and Do following directions is a printable pack I designed for my students to review and consolidate following directions. You will find multiple step options. It includes an open-ended scene for you to make up your own directions or have the students make them up.

Fill your sensory bins with your favorite filler along with themed items. Sensory bins are a great way to engage young kids or those that require sensory input in learning activities.


More coming soon!

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