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Classroom Commands

Teach  the vocabulary for actions and commands that are used inside a classroom using these cards.

Besides you can

  • Teach ESL/EFL kids how to understand and respond to different classroom commands.
  • Teach essential action verbs that students will need throughout their English study life.
  • Learn to give and follow orders using short phrases in the imperative mood.
  • Introduce the concept of TPR (Total Physical Response) as a language learning method which will be used very often in future lessons.

Building Sentences Mats

Use these Building Sentences Mats to help your ESL/EFL students to form sentences picking three cards and placing them on the mat. This pack focuses on the verb can to express abilities.

You will get:
1 building sentences mat
30 cards with personal pronouns, can/can´t, action verbs
colour and b/w version
You can extend this activity by having your students write the sentences in the follow up worksheets.

 This pack focuses on the verb have/has got to express possession.

Task Cards - Describing Animals

Task Cards are a great way to promote independent learning in your ESL/EFL classes.

These task cards are great practice for writing or speaking about animals.
You will find 24 cards with prompts for different animals such as:
It is a..
It is ..
It has got..
It can..
It lives in..
It eats..

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File Folders- Sorting Letters

When learning to form and write letters, it’s important for children to learn the difference between those lowercase letters that are tall, those that are short, and those that have tails. Practicing this vital pre-writing skill is both fun and easy with this file folder game!

You will find:
a cover
2 mats
lowercase letter tiles

You can use them with your ESL/EFL students for:
* Individual learning centers
* Small group practice
* Home reinforcement
* Early finisher activities

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Speaking Cards- The Weather

Need a fun way to practice speaking skills in your ESL/EFL class? These speaking cards will allow your students to practice asking and answering questions about the weather.

You will find:
12 cards with questions
6 blank cards for you to customize

Everything ready to print and use with your kids.

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