Find the Perfect Way to Teach About Black History Month


You may be thinking, "Why should I teach black history in the classroom?" This is a great question. Black history is an essential part of history that needs to be shared. Black history is just as important as any other history. Having that knowledge is essential to understanding how the world got to where it is today. The rest of this blog post will be about how you can teach black history in the classroom, so you are planning to include this in your curriculum.

Here are some ideas of how students can celebrate Black History in the classroom:

Encourage students to bring in crafts, candies, or books that are related to black history

Read black history books

Play games about black history

Play with music that is related to black history

Have students research black history

Create a powerpoint presentation about black history month

Display a series of pictures about black history month

Biography Brochures

Teaching writing to your ESL students can be hard. So grab these no prep biography brochures (or trifolds) to learn about extraordinary people such as Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall among others.
Invite your children to look for information about their lifes and complete the brochures.

Martin Luther King Jr Brochure

Doing a Martin Luther King Brochure (or trifold) is great way to learn about MLK life.
Invite your children to look for information about his life and complete the brochure.

You will find task to complete such as:

•What I know

•What I want to know

•What I learn

•What I admire most about him is..

You will also find questions such as:

•When and where was he born?

•When and where did he die?

•What is he famous for?

•What impact did he have?

Grab your free copy here

Mixed Up Sentences

Martin Luther King Sentences are designed to be used as a literacy center as well as to add some vocabulary to your writing center. They are even great in a small group as a review or quick assessment. Just print, laminate, and cut out the sentence cards. Let kids unscramble the words to create a complete sentence about Martin Luther King. Then they will record their sentence on the recording sheet using correct letter formation, capitalization, spacing and punctuation. Grab your free copy here

Write the Room

What student does not enjoy Write the Room? This MLK Jr cards are a fun, kinesthetic activity that allows your students to get out of their seats and walk around the room, all while learning great vocabulary, letters, sounds, and more through literacy. It’s no wonder it’s a class favorite! Invite your children to put the recording sheet on a clipboard and walk around the room, finding all the cards and writing the words in the follow up worksheet. Grab your free pack here

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