Teaching About Sarmiento in the ESL Classroom

Sarmiento is a name that may not be familiar to many, but he was an important figure in Argentine history. Sarmiento was born in Argentina in 1811 and was a big part of the country's fight for independence from Spain. He was also a writer and thinker, and his work is still studied today. 

If you're interested in teaching about Sarmiento get some ideas here:

  • Begin with where Sarmiento is from- Argentina. This will help situate him in South America for students.
  • Next, provide a brief overview of his life.
  • Then, focus on key aspects of his writing such as his use of magical realism.
  • Finally, explain the significance of Sarmiento's work in Latin American literature.
  • Discuss Sarmiento's life and work with your students.
  • Have your students read Sarmiento's work.
  • Discuss Sarmiento's work in relation to current events.
  • Have your students write about Sarmiento's work.
  • Discuss Sarmiento's work in relation to other works of literature.
  • Use pictures to explain what happened during Sarmiento's life.
  • Make a graph to show how Sarmiento's reforms led to improvements in Argentina.
  • Use a map to show where Sarmiento traveled during his exile.
  • Have students read excerpts from Sarmiento's writing to get a feel for his style.
  • Discuss the different ways that Sarmiento is remembered in Argentina today.

In 1845, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento wrote "Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism", which is considered one of the most important works of Argentine literature. In it, Sarmiento reflects on the process of modernization in Argentina, which was just beginning in the 1840s. Sarmiento's work is significant not only for its literary value, but also because it provides insight into the Argentinean experience of modernization.

It is essential that we teach about Sarmiento in our schools. He was a complex figure who played a significant role in Argentine history. By understanding his life and work, we can gain a greater understanding of Argentine politics, culture, and society.

In conclusion, Sarmiento was a great thinker who had a profound impact on Argentine society. His ideas on education, democracy, and progress helped to shape the country and continue to influence it today. If you're interested in learning more about him, I highly recommend checking out some of his works.

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