Bring Jose Hernandez into your ESL classroom and teach about tradition!

What is a tradition?

Habits that are transmitted within a community.

The Tradition Dayin Argentina is celebrated in homage to the birth of José Hernández, on November 10, 1834.

José Hernández was a 19th century Argentine writer, journalist, and folklorist. He is best known for his epic poem "Martín Fierro", which is considered one of the masterpieces of Argentine literature. Hernández was born in San Juan, Argentina, in 1834. He grew up in a rural area and did not receive a formal education. He began working as a shepherd at a young age, and later became a gaucho (a South American cowboy). 

Hernández was an active participant in the Argentine civil war of 1859-1860 After the war, he settled in Buenos Aires and began working as a journalist. Hernández wrote "Martín Fierro" between 1872 and 187 . The poem tells the story of a gaucho who is forced to leave his home and become a fugitive. "Martín Fierro" is widely considered to be a symbol of Argentine national identity.

These elements are part of the Argentine tradition:
~dulce de leche
~tortas fritas

Here are some ideas for incorporating José Hernández into your ESL classroom:
  • Teach about Jose Hernandez's life and work
  • Create a timeline
  • Use video footage or audio recordings of him speaking to help your students understand his accent and way of speaking.
  • Discuss the meaning of his work
  • Have students read and discuss his poetry
  • Relate his work to current events
  • Teach about the literary devices he uses in his poetry
  • Help your students understand the historical and cultural context in which his work was created by teaching about the time period and place in which he lived.
  • Let students listen to him read his work
  • Have students write their own poetry in the style of Jose Hernandez
  • UseJose Hernandez's work as a springboard for discussing important social and political issues.

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In conclusion, using a variety of methods to teach about José Hernández in the ESL classroom can be effective in engaging students and helping them to learn more about the man and his work. By using a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods, students will be able to better understand and appreciate the life and work of José Hernández.

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